2021-22 Entrepreneurs Challenge Semi-Finalists


Meet our 2021-22 Entrepreneurs Challenge Semi-finalists. These promising teams hail from across NYU’s global campuses and their concepts reflect that diversity. 

Healthcare & Biomedical Venture Competition

CAR-T Chips

CAR-T Chips are engineering the process of treating B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia by combining Organ-On-Chip Technology and CAR-T cell therapy to shorten the cycle of immunotherapy, making the approach more cost-effective, and as a result improving patient welfare. 

Founders: Vishwajeetsinh Rahevar (MS ’21), Huishu Wang (PhD ’25), Chao Ma, Weiqiang Chen

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Constance is an artificial intelligence run platform that enables surgeons to quickly, easily, and accurately navigate the surgical risk stratification process. 

Founders: Morteza Meftah (NYU Faculty), Sam Barzideh (NYU Faculty), Lorrraine Hutzler (NYU Staff) 


OraLiva develops powerful, smart cell-based diagnostic technologies suitable for early cancer detection. For the first time, we’ll be in the position to capture this horrible disease before it spirals out of control.

Founders: John McDevitt (NYU Faculty), Glennon Simmons (NYU Staff), Nick Christodoulides, Michael McRae


Sipple is a smart sensorized baby bottle collar that tracks and supports feeding for premature babies. Our device also offers support to parents and family’s after NICU discharge through the use of a connected monitoring app. 

Founders: Vitaly Shlimovich (MBA ’22), Caroline Martinez (MS ’22)

New Venture Competition


Celer is a new venture focused on reducing overuse injury and increasing energy savings during exercise involving running, jumping, and walking via a dynamic foot resistance band that optimizes joint kinematics and lower extremity alignment. 

Founder: Sarah Anderson (EMBA ’23)


Crash Course is a driving simulator for drivers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) that utilizes state of the art technology that mimic real-life driving situations. This simulator enables those with ASD to practice 

Founders: Jonathon Lentine (MS ’22), Jihye Lee


Fits is a platform that supports and showcases emerging fashion designers and brands. This is accomplished by launching, marketing, and selling FITS on a community marketplace. 

Founders: Maxwell Murray (BS ’23), Robinson Brown (BA/BS ’23), Donald Robinson 


Homestead is an eCommerce platform for homebuilders that provides customer interfaces for search, product visualization and payment. Their Digital Operations Platform automates key business processes to support real-time eCommerce transactions.

Founders: Benjamin Fortunato (JD/MBA ’21), Ilya Chistiakov


Housky is a one-stop shop home inspection platform for efficient home inspector comparison and inspection scheduling. Housky is also a marketplace of pre-listing inspection reports, enabling home buyers to know the house better before any offer is made. 

Founders: Yifu Huang (MBA ’14), Yuyang Wang


Iota Impact is a research automation startup that provides unique insights for SMB’s at a fraction of the time. It runs IotaQ, a self-serve research marketplace, and delivers tech-enabled research projects to enterprises and advisory firms. 

Founders: Andres Satizabal (MA/MBA ’11), Jessica Boccardo (PhD ’13) 


Pensos is an educational company that creates curricula for under-resourced high school classrooms which incorporate a project-based, student-centric pedagogy. Pensons aims to build critical thinking skills and foster a passion for learning among students. 

Founders: Thomas Mowen (BA ’23), Alexander DelFranco, Mark Howell


Pollen is a skilling platform for women entering the workforce, beginning with mothers re-entering the workforce after a career pause. Pollen uses data to recommend pathways tailored to their needs, and offer the curriculum and tolls to pursue their career of choice. 

Founders: Hillary Bush (MBA ’22), Isabel Sheinman (MBA ’21)


Qworky is a centralized creative management platform that makes branded content development across teams more streamlined and efficient. Brands and agencies use Qworky to organize workflows, handle contracts, manage content storage, access creator marketplaces & Qworky Studios and issue payments.

Founders: Andrew Meissner (MBA ’18), Nikhil Bhasin (MBA ’18), Justin Cross


SoundChx.tv provides a turnkey monetization platform for live content creators without a middle man or influencer status, allowing performers to get paid right away with only a few true fans. The platform brings viewers live content to smart TV and mobile, while also allowing viewers and creators the physical experience of live entertainment in digital form. 

Founders: Daniel Tasman (EMBA ’22), Vladimir Borodin (EMBA ’22), Stephen Klein (EMBA ’22). 


TrovBase enhances the speed and quality of science by enabling researchers to easily manage research pipelines using best practices from software engineering. Once datasets are built, researchers can monetize datasets through TrovBase’s marketplace. 

Founders: Samantha Jordan (MBA ’21), Andrew Hornstra, Harout Boujakjian, Nathaniel Bechhofer

Technology Venture Competition


Baton is a blockchain-enabled web platform and collaboration protocol facilitating the future of creative digital exchange; ensuring that creatives are accurately credited and compensated for their work. 

Founders: Gabe Warshaw (MPS ’23)


Bromopac is a patented (US5679239A), environmentally friendly and sustainable apparatus that can produce active bromine compounds (chemicals) onsite for gold mining and sanitation uses in the animal harvest markets.

Founders: Steven Scansaroli (EMBA ’23), Michael Teahan (EMBA ’23)


Eddie is an A.I. chatbot that increases workflow efficiency for instructors and enhances communication between instructors and students.

Founders: Hyerim Yong (BS ’23), Rachel Kindangen (BS ’23), Pedro Velasquez Duque (BS ’23)


enbloc is a fractionalized real estate ecosystem platform that allows almost anyone to buy and sell real estate, make decisions on their property, and collect rental income. enbloc is digitalizing everything that physical property ownership entails.

Founders: Bahjat Said (MS ’23), Omar Khalaf


Konekx is pledging to build a dedicated private 5G Network around ADV technology to supply the needed data bandwidth and low latency connectivity to implement a full self-driving vehicle. Konekx is also attempting to develop its own ADV technology.

Founders: Reza Golestani (EMBA ’23), Reza Mousavian (EMBA ’22)


Techfunic is an Ed-Tech platform that facilitates affordable, online small group tutoring in Math, Coding and Language. Our IP is creating compatible study groups of 3 children and a suitable tutor based on age & skill banding, topic, timezone/availability and compatibility indicators using intelligent data profiling.

Founder: Ann Andrews (EMBA ’23)


Vessel is a technology platform that seeks to provide entrepreneurs with a suite of electronics and software development tools aimed at streamlining the launch and maintenance of consumer IoT products.

Founders: Patt O’Brien (MBA ’23), James O’Brien


The NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge is made possible by the generous support of the Rennert Family Foundation, Mr. Ira Rennert (MBA ’56), and Mr. Ari Rennert (BS ’01). Teams will compete for the Rennert Family New Venture, Technology Venture, or Healthcare and Biomedical Venture prize. Each prize is awarded as seed funding in the form of a KISS agreement. The total prize amount for each track is $75,000. 


Janover LLC

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LexMundi World Ready

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Reitler Law

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