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Sara Bentson, MBA ’15

Stern Venture Studio 2021

Esmerada is a clothing brand designed for busy moms where all pieces repel spills and stains.

Our mission is to elevate and simplify the busy mom’s wardrobe through classic clothing built to embrace all the moments in her beautiful, messy, life.

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Daniel Nelson, BA ’16 

Stern Venture Fellows 2021

Fulton is a modern brand of arch support. We designed carbon negative, custom molding insoles that support flat feet, high arches, and everything in between — all you need to do is put them in your shoes and walk! Fulton offers the easiest way to relieve pain and achieve wellness in your daily life.

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Morgan Grabarz

Morgan Grabarz MBA, ’23

Morgan Grabarz is a designer clothing brand that sells unique, statement pieces at accessible price points. Our mission is to encourage confidence and make all customers feel truly beautiful. Every Morgan Grabarz piece has an element of glamor perfect for your holiday occasion.

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Lia Winograd, MBA ’19

Stern Venture Fellows 2018

Pepper designs bras to perfectly fit cup sizes AA, A, and B.

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Kyle Bergman, MBA ’19 

Stern Venture Fellows 2019

Swoveralls are the glorious combination of sweatpants + overalls into one incredibly comfy masterpiece.

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Brooklyn Delhi

Chitra Agrawal, MBA ’07

Brooklyn Delhi is an Indian-American food brand offering delicious Indian sauces and condiments inspired by Indian culinary traditions. The Brooklyn Delhi recipes were developed by chef and cookbook author, Chitra Agrawal. 

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Drifter Spirits

Peter Nevenglosky, MBA ’09

Our mission is to scour the world for the most unique, beautifully crafted products for the modern bar program. Offering spirits such as Rare Character Whiskey, Paladar Tequila, Drifter Craft Cocktails, Avuá Cachaça and Svöl Aquavit.

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Rowena Scherer, EMBA ’02 

Entrepreneurs Challenge 2018, Semi-finalist

An award-winning experiential cooking kit, eat2explore provides hard-to-find, shelf-stable ingredients with both cooking and educational tools so young people may explore world cuisine and cultures, while cultivating sustainable, healthy eating habits and tangible cooking skills.

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Grace Farms Foods

Adam Thatcher, MBA ’21

Welcome To Grace Farms. Grace Farms is the first and only premium tea and coffee brand created to give back 100% of profits to ending forced labor worldwide. Discover Grace Farms’ signature collection of ethically and sustainably sourced teas and coffees sourced from women-led co-ops around the world.

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Le Moné

Max Nevins, EMBA ’17

Le Moné is the award-winning lighter, livelier Meyer Lemon aperitif. With bright acidity, low bitterness, and a fragrant lemon profile, Le Moné provides light and bright refreshment for great nights and good mornings. Perfect for your holiday hot toddies, lemon drop martinis, and festive spritzes.

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M&M's Digital

Jarid Lukin, MBA ’05

What better way to spread holiday cheer than with personalized gifts from M&M’S to show someone you care. Whether you’re celebrating family, friends or co-workers this holiday season, our Holiday Gift Guide on MMS.com has a colorful gift for everyone on your list.

Mary Taylor Wine

Mary Taylor, MBA ’17

Entrepreneurs Challenge 2019, Semi-finalist

Mary Taylor Wine is a series of geographically designated wines from Europe in streamlined packaging. Big brand meets small growers.

Mementa, Inc.

Ishara Abeysekara, MBA ’08

Mementa is a family-owned business that scours the world in search of the finest quality ingredients for authentic organic foods. Our mission is to bring you delicious plant-based foods and beverages so you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste or variety.

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Rooted Fare

Ashley Xie, MS ’20 

Entrepreneurs Challenge 2021, Finalist

Rooted Fare makes delicious and unique Chinese-American spreads that celebrate traditional flavors in modern formats, like the Black Sesame Crunchy Butter.

SoCo Tahini

Goni Light, MBA ’16 

Entrepreneurs Challenge 2019, Finalist

Stern Venture Fellows 2019

SoCo—Seeds of Collaboration is a female-owned, purpose driven tahini brand offering various flavors and bundle options.

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Sheila Donohue, MBA ’93

Led by founder, CEO, and Sommelier, Sheila Donohue, Vero curates and sells limited edition, sustainably-made wines, olive oils and foods from around the world.

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Justin Silver, BS ’12

AAVRANI is the Ayurvedic Beauty Brand uniting powerful ancient Indian rituals with modern science for ALL.

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Black & Sexy TV

Kibi Anderson, MBA ’13

Black and Sexy TV is an independent black-owned streaming platform that makes original content and tells stories where Black people are valued, seen and celebrated.

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Call Spots

Dan Miller, MBA ’00

A Call Spot is a smart sticker which can be scanned by mobile phones to instantly call an emergency contact or owner of a valued possession.

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Sarah Anderson, EMBA ‘23

Entrepreneurs Challenge 2021, Finalist

Stern Venture Fellows 2022

Celer is an athletic training company focused on improving athletic performance and decreasing overuse injury through novel products that train the body to move better.

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Collective Wellness Health Coaching

Valerie Smith-Malin, MBA ’90

Collective Wellness Health & Wellness Coaching helps clients envision and achieve their healthiest, “best” life by putting the client at the center of the process, and using neuroscience-backed models to empower them to create lasting change.

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Maurice Harary, BS ’09

Stern Venture Fellows

Easy to join and free from hidden fees, Fluz is a collaborative earning app that maximizes your money. Get cashback on everyday spends, earn even more by growing your circle, and make and receive payments with friends.


Joanna Lau, BS ’11

JEMMA is the iconic work bag brand for Women by Women. Based in New York, JEMMA Bags combine designer quality with modern functionality for today’s working women’s needs.

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Christina Bellman, BS ’13

LEVO is a lifestyle brand of kitchen appliances and consumables with patented oil infusers, mixes, oils, molds, and more!

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Meghan Sheehan Studio

Meghan Sheehan ’13

An artist specializing in architectural watercolors, commission a painting of the special places in your life.

Mementa Home

Ishara Abeysekara, MBA ’08

Individualize your home with products that reflect your unique personal style, tastes, and interests. Each item is hand-crafted from sustainable, eco-friendly materials and crafting techniques.

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Nourish & Refine

Nicole Powers, EMBA ’21

Stern Venture Studio 2021

Nourish & Refine is a woman-owned, all-natural luxury clean skincare and conscious lifestyle brand based in New York City with products that are organic, vegan, non-toxic, and Certified Cruelty-Free.

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Pilates on Ludlow

Janet Basilone, MBA ’87

Pilates on Ludlow is a Pilates reformer studio offering group and private Pilates classes on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Pisterzi - Italian Grooming Art

Gian Antonio Pisterzi, EMBA ‘21

Pisterzi Italian Grooming Art is fostering a new relationship between luxury personal care and the sustainability priorities of the future by creating premium grooming products that empower our customers to re-think their grooming practices impacts.

Sincerely, Bädé

Symone Gates

Developed with deep healing and user comfort in mind, Sincerely, Bädé’s products are thoughtfully formulated and rely on nature’s best ingredients to relieve, relax, and recover the body.

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Alexander Ivanov ’14

Skywin invents, designs, and strives to breathe life into gifts and gadgets to upgrade your life.


Joseph Quaderer, MBA ’10

StorySavor is a biography writing services company. People commission us to write their biographies and we connect them with professional writers who artfully capture their story and photos in a book so it can be shared with their friends and family.

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Reyna Franco, MBA ’93

Tri-Nutrition offers nutrition counseling and personal training to improve athletic performance, reduce the risk of chronic diseases, and enhance gut health. 

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Vineyard Morning Wellness Skincare

Valerie Smith-Malin, MBA ’90

Vineyard Morning is consciously-crafted clean skincare that uniquely combines upcycled vineyard byproducts packed with vitamins and antioxidants, with a blend of fragrance oils scientifically studied for their abilities to boost feelings of wellbeing, positivity and focus.

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Rachel Serwetz, MBA ’19

Entrepreneurs Challenge 2018

Stern Venture Fellows 2019

WOKEN provides career coaching through a monthly subscription that includes one-on-one coaching sessions, a unique software platform, group coaching and coworking, and texting/emailing with your coach.

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