Our program’s scale is made possible by the support of a dedicated force of startup experts¬†and professionals who generously volunteer their time.

We Get By With a Lot of Help from Our Friends

More than 1,100 startup teams and would-be entrepreneurs come to the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship for startup assistance each year. To help meet this demand, we are grateful for our many volunteers who are excited by the venture creation process and are committed to guiding the next generation of innovators.

Interested in contributing your time and expertise? Check out the volunteer roles below.



Drawing from their own entrepreneurial experience, coaches and mentors work closely with promising founders on how to launch and grow their promising startups. Typically, coaching and mentors work with 1-2 other volunteers as a team to ensure students benefit from a range of perspectives.


Advisors provide 1:1 guidance by sharing their deep expertise in critical functional areas such as marketing, legal, prototyping, etc., or in industry sectors such as fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, etc. Advising sessions are scheduled 1:1 appointments to answer specific questions startup founders are facing. Our team handles the scheduling and logistics.


This role includes workshop facilitators, guest speakers, and panelists. These speaking engagements might include leading a 1-hour lunch-and-learn, guest lecturing in a class, participating in a panel discussion, or designing and delivering a short-form workshop.


This role is unique to our Entrepreneurs Challenge venture accelerator & competition. Evaluators carefully review applications and determine which teams should be admitted into this highly selective program. This is a popular choice for volunteers who want to engage but have limited time.

Apply to be a Berkley Center volunteer here. If you have any questions at all about how you can help, contact [email protected]


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