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Technology Venture Competition


Healthcare Venture Competition


Meet our 2023-24 Entrepreneurs Challenge Cohort! These promising teams hail from across NYU’s global campuses and their concepts reflect that diversity. 

New Venture Competition


Dinesurf is digitizing restaurants and food businesses in Africa to unlock opportunities for driving growth and efficiency.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Martins Udotai, Tandon


ERP software for solo entrepreneurs who make their own products and sell on multiple sales channels.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Marcos Brisson, NYU Shanghai

Benoît van Keer, NYU Shanghai



DermOnDemand is delivering exceptional online dermatology 24/7 for acute and chronic skin conditions including psoriasis and severe acne.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Ross Kopelman, Stern

Nivaan Gupta, SPS



There are 100K – 200K ACL injuries in the US each year + 1M meniscus surgeries. Women are affected 2x-8x as often as men. We’ve created a performance legging with built-in knee padding so that activities like yoga can be seamless and pain-free.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Beth Godfrey, Stern



ClosetRaani is an online P2P marketplace for rental/ resale of pre-loved Indian party-wear. An AirBnB for clothing. Sellers monetize their “cloud closets” giving buyers access to affordable clothing, improving the circularity of clothes.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Niyati Shah, Stern


Frich is a social finance platform that empowers users to make informed money choices. We provide a platform where individuals, like recent NYU graduates, can openly share and compare how people just like them handle their money.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Aleksandra Medina, NYU Abu Dhabi



TeztUs is like AI Copilot for teachers. It puts a personalized grading assistant on every teacher’s computer, turning hours of grading into minutes. It saves educators time and generates personalized feedback for every student mistake.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Jackson Labell, CAS

Endure Sport Nutrition

Millions of people run marathons each year, yet many are dissatisfied with existing nutrition options and/or don’t know how to implement them. We provide the step-by-step system to successfully fuel for sport — snacks for before, during, and after.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Anja Westhues, Gallatin


WellCapped is rent the Runway for wigs. WellCapped enables members to access a shared inventory of high quality wigs and hair extensions.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Shante Frazier, Stern


If smoking cessation habits increase chances of quitting by 80%, stress could be reduced through habit training. After all 43% of daily tasks are habits. Jivika micro-habits work for those with least time and in biggest need of stress management.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Ayman Mukerji, Silver


Banks across Africa struggle with providing the expected level of customer service when engaging with customers in the diaspora. Sawport is a video banking solution on web & mobile designed to increase customer’s banking experience at home and abroad

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Azeez Salami, Stern

Technology Venture Competition


Good feedback is hard to find. Audience uses AI and data science to virtualize customers for instantaneous, representative input on product, marketing, or advertising decisions.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

John Bennett, Tandon

Moira Labs

Moira Labs aims to boost user involvement in game creation and integrate reputation, card trading and asset ownership via web3 technologies.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Akhil Vajjhala, Stern

Yashish Hirani, CAS


The most knowledgeable professor designing every bit of your learning experience.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Dror Margalit, Tisch


Everyone hates scalpers. Everyone likes more venue. Event vendors, in particular, love Valicit. With Valicit’s blockchain ticketing technology, event vendors can eliminate scalping, and collect royalties on each ticket resale, increasing revenue.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Karim Rahme, NYU Abu Dhabi


Integrated Reality Labs

Integrated Reality (IR) tools and games that enhance play and human connection in the real world.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Sean Nissenbaum, Stern


UniqLearn individualizes education by identifying how each student learns and what they are interested in. A student interested in baseball would learn about geometry by going onto a baseball field and measuring the distance between players.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Aidan McDowell, Gallatin

Daniel Kenigsberg, Tandon


Bakstage.AI is a CX platform that transforms websites into dynamic hubs of real-time, hyper-personalized engagements.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Shashank Singh, Stern

Block Convey, Inc

Block Convey is the Swiss Army knife for Web 3.0, turning the complex blockchain into a ‘one-click’ business solution.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Arun Prasad Nanazghan Suresh, Tandon

Son Le, Stern

Healthcare & Biomedical Venture Competition

Alivio Technologies​

Pain management system, 4alivio combines therapeutics, weather data, and customer insights to understand arthritis triggers and prevent flare-ups.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Caitlin West, Stern

MoveMend Health

An immersive, augmented reality, motion tracking exercise program offering a gamified library of activities for patients while hospitalized to supplement traditional therapy.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Gabrielle Berne, Langone Health

Punit Vats, Tandon


Our AI-based mobile app monitors the physiological data of firefighters using personal wireless wearable health trackers (Fitbit, Garmin, Apple Watch, etc.), evaluates cardiovascular risk factors, and alerts firefighters about impending risks.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Prabodh Panindre, Tandon

Anurag Mandal, Tandon

Praneeth Kumar Thummalapalli, Tandon

Tanmay Mandal, Tandon


The Peloton for Stroke Rehab. Our platform redefines stroke recovery, offering immersive rehab experiences at home, much like Peloton did for fitness. With engaging and accessible solutions, we empower patients to regain independence.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Alexandr Pak, CAS

CARA Systems Inc.

The opportunity we have identified is in the healthcare technology market. This is an emerging market with growing projections for the future. The analogy used to describe our technology is “GPT for Cerebrology.”

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Prithvinath Reddy Garigapuram, Tandon

Srushti Katore, Tandon 

Hemanth Krishna Taduka, Tandon 

Kurt Becker, Tandon 

Iskender Sahin, Tandon 

Albert Favate, NYU Langone Health


The Neural Navigator. Imagine a GPS for brains health. Just as traditional maps guide you through streets, this tool navigates neural pathways, pinpointing detours and ensuring a smooth cognitive journey. This is the dawn of brain care for everyone.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Shahriar Huda, Tandon



Imagine “Google Maps” for stroke. CaroRhythm empowers medical professionals to navigate through stroke by detecting potential roadblocks early (CaroSense) and providing real-time guidance to clear the way (CaroActivate) for optimal blood perfusion.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Nisha Maheshwari, Tandon

Lokesh Sharma, Tandon



A personal assistant, coach, and concierge all-in-one that helps patients manage their medical problems after they leave the hospital, reducing unnecessary readmissions.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Yomna Nassef, CAS


The NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge is made possible by the generous support of the Rennert Family Foundation, Mr. Ira Rennert (MBA ’56), and Mr. Ari Rennert (BS ’01). Teams will compete for the Rennert Family New Venture, Technology Venture, or Healthcare and Biomedical Venture prize. Each prize is awarded as seed funding in the form of a KISS agreement. The total prize amount for each track is $75,000. 


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