The Entrepreneurs Challenge, hosted annually by the Berkley Center for Entrepreneurship, is a springboard for promising NYU startups. 

Part-accelerator and part venture competition, this intense program will provide your early-stage team with how-to workshops, hands-on boot camps, 1:1 coaching, and access to prototyping funds—all designed to guide you step-by-step through launching and growing your startup.

Entrepreneurs Challenge

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CARA Systems | Growth through the NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge

As we head into the semi-finals of the 2023-24 NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge, CARA Systems reflects on how the experience has helped them refine their venture... | Digital stroke rehab for anyone, anytime, anywhere

Approximately three years ago, a close relative of mine required neural rehabilitation. In my search for an accessible and engaging solution that would enable them to exercise at home, I found a gap...

TeztUs | Recognizing a need in the market, and meeting it

Jackson's goal as a tutor was simple: to help students excel academically, but as he expanded his customer base, he recognized a consistent pattern: students, regardless of their school, grade level...

ContinueWell | Improving healthcare through entrepreneurship

Emergency room doctors Yomna Nassef (CAS ‘08) and Evan Ou have seen first hand how lack of followup support has hurt patients. ContinueWell aims to solve this through its AI-powered platform...

Founder Friday: Making firefighters safer with FireBeats

The FireBeats team aims to keep firefighters safer and healthier using an AI-based remote monitoring app collecting physiological data such as heart rate, sleep pattern, and activity levels...

Niura | Takeaways from the NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge

As teams gear up for the semi-finals, HVC team Niura reflects on how their venture has learned and grown from their experience in the NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge...

Founder Friday: AI Guided Learning with Context

Context's Founder Dror Margalit, (NYU Tisch, MS ‘24) aims to use his AI powered learning platform to allow artists and designers to learn creative coding...

Alivio Technologies, Inc | A Journey of Mentorship in Our Venture

Caitlin West, Founder & President of Alivio Technologies, Inc. shares how the guidance of mentors can be the differentiating factor between success and struggle...

Jivika | Gearing up for the NYU Venture Showcase

Meet Ayman Mukerji (Silver '20), founder of NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge team Jivika. Learn how she's aiming to confront workplace stress and burnout...

Founder Friday: Comfort, Flexibility & Style with MAÄT

Founders Beth Godfrey (Stern '05) and Fiona and Kerri Devaney will have you saying goodbye to yoga mats, and hello to a new way of working out in style and comfort with MAÄT...

Bakstage.AI | Preparing a Pitch

In this Challenge Blog post, the team behind Bakstage.AI breaks down how they're preparing to pitch their venture to audiences at the NYU Venture Showcase...

Integrated Reality Labs | Childhood Fun with a Digital Twist

Meet Integrated Reality Labs! Using innovative tech, this Entrepreneurs Challenge team is aiming to create a platform that inspires real world play using a new digital twist...
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