CARA Systems | Growth through the NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge

Team: Prithvinath Reddy Garigapuram (Tandon ’23), Srushti Katore (Tandon ’23), Hemanth Krishna Taduka, Kurt H Becker, Albert S. Favate

About the Venture: CARA Systems offers personalized risk analysis for Intracranial Aneurysms with non-invasive 3D imaging bloodflow dynamics to reduce healthcare costs and free up physicians’ time to focus on patient-centric care.

CARA Systems Inc., cofounded by Prithvinath Reddy and Srushti Katore offers a noninvasive dynamic SaaS triage tool for aneurysm detection and management through computational risk assessment, addressing a crucial void in healthcare by prioritizing patient-centric care. Leveraging AI technology, CARA offers physicians data-driven insights, minimizing invasive procedures and enabling precise risk assessment. With a dedication to enhancing patient care, CARA aims to transform the healthcare journey, empowering patients and physicians with knowledge, support, and compassion.

CARA has a diverse team, which includes the two cofounders, Director Kurt Becker, who is a former Vice Dean of Research, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship at NYU Tandon, Dr. Albert Favate, the clinical advisor and PI, and Hemanth Krishna Taduka, the data scientist.

Building a Robust Venture through the Challenge

In preparation for this transformative journey, our team has engaged deeply in the NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge, honing fundamental aspects of our venture like our go-to-market strategy and financial modeling strategy. Active market research, coupled with industry-standard mapping and modeling strategies, has laid a robust foundation for our venture’s trajectory. As we approach semi-finals, we reflect on the evolution of our venture throughout the challenge.

Sharpening Tools for Success

Throughout the Challenge, we’ve learned the importance of building a well-rounded business that encompasses marketing, accounting, financial modeling, and legal aspects to support different stages of research, development, and product launch. Armed with comprehensive insights and customer input, we feel better prepared for the next stage of our journey, equipped with the necessary tools and resources.

Entrepreneurial Growth and a Promising Future

As entrepreneurs, we’ve experienced exponential growth during this journey, driven by momentum and a steadfast mindset. With a clear focus on our goals, we’re poised to launch our MVP by the summer of 2024, initiate clinical trials and navigate the regulatory process, and expand collaborations with medical institutions. We are enthusiastic about the next steps and progressing ahead to make a meaningful impact. Join us in shaping the future of the healthcare industry and be a part of our exhilarating journey toward success!

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