Bakstage.AI | Preparing a Pitch

Team: Shashank Singh (Stern ’12), Preet Raj

About the Venture: Bakstage.AI is an innovative AI-driven customer experience platform that transforms website visitors into customers. By seamlessly integrating video, AI, and human touch, the Bakstage.AI platform delivers cutting-edge solutions to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction.

Meet the Bakstage.AI team

Shashank Singh: CEO & Co-founder, is a technology and startup veteran who has helped build multiple B2B/SaaS startups – Flurry (acquired by. Yahoo), RUN Ads (acquired by. Publicis). He previously Co-founded – Majikal, Steams and Truffle. Shashank is an engineer by profession and has a MBA from NYU Stern.

Preet Raj: CTO & Co-founder, is one of the top technology professionals and was recently rated as top 10 CTOs to Watch by Entrepreneur Magazine. He is a senior engineering leader, scaling expert, and has built multiple award winning tech for Consumer-Tech, Fin-Tech, & SaaS startups. Expert in Big-Data, Privacy and AI/ML. Masters in CS from Illinois Tech.

Shashank and Preet – Co-founders of Bakstage.AI

How is your team preparing to make your pitch at the NYU Venture Showcase?

1. Tailored Messaging:

We’re crafting our pitch to resonate with both technical and non-technical audiences, highlighting the unique value proposition of Bakstage.AI in a clear and compelling manner.

2. Demo Preparation:

We’re preparing a dynamic demo to showcase the power of Bakstage.AI’s AI-driven personalization and real-time video integration, allowing attendees to experience the platform’s capabilities firsthand.

3. Storytelling:

We’re emphasizing storytelling to convey the journey of Bakstage.AI, from its inception to its current position as an innovative leader in sales enablement. This approach helps to engage our audience on an emotional level and make a lasting impression.

4. Q&A Anticipation:

We’re anticipating questions from various stakeholders, including students, professors, fellow entrepreneurs, and investors, and preparing thoughtful and informative responses to address their inquiries effectively.

5. Networking Strategy:

We’re developing a networking strategy to maximize our interactions with attendees, fostering connections with potential collaborators, investors, and customers.

Deciding what to focus on has involved careful consideration of the diverse interests and expertise of attendees, balancing technical details with broader business implications. Additionally, Bakstage.AI’s versatile solution is applicable across a wide range of domains and industries, presenting the challenge of focusing on one domain without overlooking the potential benefits and opportunities it offers in others.


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Thursday, February 22nd @ 5:00 PM

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