Alivio Technologies, Inc | A Journey of Mentorship in Our Venture

By: Caitlin West, Founder & President of Alivio Technologies, Inc.

In the unpredictable landscape of entrepreneurship, the support and guidance of mentors, colleagues, and industry peers can be the differentiating factor between success and struggle. At Alivio Technologies, Inc. (ATech) we have been incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by a network of individuals who have generously dedicated their time, resources, and expertise to help shape our venture. I am thrilled and grateful to be able to share a few of our top supporters with you.

The Power of Collaboration:

From the inception of our venture, collaboration has been at the heart of our approach. We owe a significant portion of our success to mentors like Eric Chan (Stern Venture Fellows), whose expertise in industrial design played a pivotal role in shaping our prototype #2. Eric’s commitment to our project went beyond the call of duty, highlighting the power of collaboration in turning ideas into tangible innovations. His mentorship not only influenced the technical aspects of our product but also instilled a culture of creativity and precision within our team.

Strategic Insights and Thought Partnership:

As we navigated the complex terrain of bringing our product to market, the guidance of Berkeley Entrepreneurship Challenge coach Jon DiGiambattista proved to be invaluable. Jon’s strategic insights and thought partnership were instrumental in helping us think through the execution of our go-to-market strategy. His experience and foresight became a guiding light, illuminating the path forward and enabling us to make informed decisions. Jon’s commitment to our venture extended beyond conventional coaching, making him a true partner in our entrepreneurial journey.

Unlocking the Power of Networks:

In the competitive business landscape, the power of networks cannot be overstated. Ryan Davis, another key figure in our mentorship journey at the Berkely center, opened up his extensive marketing network and resources to us. This exposure to a broader perspective helped us understand the bigger picture of our industry. Ryan’s mentorship went beyond the exchange of knowledge; it was a gateway to a world of opportunities, connections, and possibilities that significantly influenced our approach to challenges and problem-solving.

A Healthcare Mentorship that Transcends Boundaries:

In the realm of healthcare, where the challenges are nuanced and traditional backgrounds often set the stage, Dr. Byron Scott emerged as a guiding force. As an adjunct professor at NYU and a mentor in the healthcare space, Dr. Scott played a pivotal role in connecting us with influential figures like Beverly Huss, a prominent leader in healthtech. These connections were transformative, shaping not just our venture but also our understanding of the healthcare space. Dr. Scott’s willingness to engage in the hard conversations about breaking into the industry without a traditional background proved to be a crucial aspect of our growth.

In the journey of entrepreneurship, the impact of mentors, colleagues, and industry peers cannot be overstated. We have been fortunate to be surrounded by individuals like Eric Chan, Jon DiGiambattista, Ryan Davis, Dr. Byron Scott, and Beverly Huss, whose dedication has significantly influenced our venture. Their mentorship has shaped the way we approach problems, tasks, and the business as a whole. As we continue to evolve and face new challenges, we are grateful for the invaluable lessons learned and the enduring impact of these guiding lights on our entrepreneurial path.

Team: Caitlin West (Stern ’24), Caitlin Gibson

About the Venture: A pain management system, 4alivio combines therapeutics, weather data, and customer insights to understand arthritis triggers and prevent flare-ups.

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