Yashish Hirani on Navigating Uncertainty

By: Yashish Hirani (NYU CAS ’24) | Venture: Moira Labs

Starting a new venture is a thrilling yet humbling experience that pushes you to your limits and often beyond. As the Co-Founder of Moira Labs, a game development studio, I’ve embarked on a journey of immense learning and unexpected challenges. Our first game, The Lost War, is a digital collectible card game that allows players to create their own cards, much like Pokémon but with a personalized twist.

It was never so clear in the beginning. One of the biggest challenges is understanding what your consumers want. I had a clear vision of what I wanted as a gamer and what I wanted to build. However, I soon realized that if I were to make a product people loved, I would have to learn from them directly. I soon learned the importance of speaking to my users and the players. It was an eye-opening experience and helped me lay out the plan for what The Lost War wanted to become.

However, even the best-laid plans require execution, and that’s where the importance of team dynamics comes into play. Early on, I realized that trying to manage every aspect of a startup single-handedly is not only impractical but impossible. From coding issues that needed a tech-savvy mind to operational hurdles that required a meticulous organizer, every challenge demanded a diverse skill set. Building a team with the right chemistry and skill set became my top priority.

The process of assembling this team was not without its hurdles. We experienced our share of mistakes as we struggled to find individuals whose visions aligned with Moira Labs’ core values and goals. Each departure was a learning opportunity, prompting us to refine our recruitment process and better define our company culture. The emphasis shifted towards hiring talents and finding the right people who could contribute to and thrive in the ecosystem we were building.

Through these experiences, we’ve learned the importance of resilience and adaptability. The right team does not just share your vision; they are willing to stand by you through the highs and the lows, constantly adapting and growing. Today, our team is more robust in skills and our shared commitment to seeing Moira Labs succeed.

Funding is one of the most significant hurdles we’ve faced from the beginning. Securing adequate resources to bring a vision to life is daunting for any startup, and Moira Labs was no exception. The scarcity of funds taught us the crucial lesson of resource prioritization. Each decision had to be meticulously planned, focusing strictly on the tasks driving us towards our immediate goals. This approach has been challenging but rewarding, as it forced us to think creatively and optimize our workflow around the most important goals.

Our journey is far from over, and we continue to learn with every small success and setback. However, these early challenges have shaped Moira Labs into a forward-thinking studio where innovation is driven by necessity and teamwork. As we continue developing The Lost War, we are more confident than ever in our approach, fueled by our early experiences and the lessons they have taught us.

To fellow entrepreneurs embarking on this journey, remember: the path is tough, and the challenges are many, but the right team and a focus on critical goals can turn your vision into reality.

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