2022-23 Entrepreneurs Challenge Semi-Finalists


Meet our 2022-23 Entrepreneurs Challenge Semi-Finalists. These promising teams hail from across NYU’s global campuses and their concepts reflect that diversity. 

Healthcare & Biomedical Venture Competition


Flexible, wearable, and hands-free ultrasound technology designed for trauma patients in transit.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Christopher James, NYU Faculty


A bio informatics platform designed to transform the detection, management, and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Jonathan Roshanzamir, Stern


Brush with Say Ha to keep the dentist away.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Ji Hyun Lin, Dental School

Chris Kimm, Dental School

Eugene Jang, Dental School

Jiho Park, Dental School

Vital Audio Systems

Our patent pending product advances healthcare equity by leveraging existing patients and providers technologies to provide objective data for clinicians to make informed decisions in telehealth by adding additional layers to existing patients calls.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Nyamitse-Calvin Mahinda, Tandon

Harsh Sonatha, Tandon 

Divya Mehta, Stern


The first and only therapeutic capable of preventing the progression of osteoarthritis, Teios produces the first and only vaccine for joint injuries.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Jin Montclare, NYU Faculty

Nada Haq-Siddiqi, Tandon

Julia Monkovic, Tandon


Therapeutic company aiming to regenerate and re-connect neurons after spinal cord

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Johannes Dapprich

Steven Barr, Tandon

EriVan Bio LLC

EriVan develops exosomes as novel delivery vehicle for the regenerative medicine and medical device industry to deliver a therapeutic cargo in a targeted way.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Jahanara Ali, GSAS

Naseer Nassiri Koopaei, NYU BioLabs Member 

New Venture Competition

Juno Network

This is a marine procurement platform used to connect the ship, procurement office, suppliers all together. It will also help suppliers to source from each other when necessary. It will help the procurement office to track delivery in real time.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Robert Zhang, Stern

Hing Fu, Stern

Mayukh Bit, Stern


Sustainability straight from South America. It starts with better materials, continues with better design and we close the loop with fair factories and responsible shipping methods.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Elias Becker, Tisch


Online community for researchers and college students, where users can find and publish openings for RA positions, and browse and showcase their research work. It would help the RA recruitment problem and research showcase problem.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Sen Yang, Stern

Xinyu Zhang, Stern

Muse Tax

Finds you every tax deduction available to you and helps you build a tax plan. It’s your personal tax robo-advisor.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Colin Horsford, Stern


Has identified an enormous gap in the vinyl record market, with consumer demand vastly outweighing manufacturing supply, and no relief in sight.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

John Pette, Steinhardt

Somewhere Somehow

Find My Friends meets When2Meet.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Alexandra Debow, Tandon


An inclusive and evidence-based digital wellness platform that helps leaders recover from burnout, optimize their wellbeing, and reach peak performance. With an integrated mind-body-soul approach, Wholely is a gym for whole person fitness.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Heran Getachew, Stern

Vaibhavi Nesarikar, Stern


A spatial e-commerce platform for home improvement. We simplify renovation projects through an editable 3D model that translates a homeowner’s vision into a clear shopping list of products and services in a matter of hours not weeks.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Benjamin Fortunato, Stern


Marketplace connect college students with side hustles to customers.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Carolyn Cabrera, Wagner



An end-to-end platform facilitating brand and creator sponsorships. 

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Pranav Reddy, Stern

Sam Beres, Stern

Technology Venture Competition


A platform that aids businesses struggling to engage the right creator for their objectives.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Mya Papolu, Stern


Allowing you to buy exactly what you see on the screen.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Rishi Nair, Stern


Creates thin films that make solar panels more efficient and durable to accelerate the transition to a sustainable world.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Minh Tran, Tandon

Casey Bloomquist, Tandon


A device that manages your home’s electricity so you can use large loads like EV chargers without pulling a new power line. We are air traffic control for your home’s electric panel.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Austin Hunt, Tandon


Murmur is a mobile app built for filmmakers, studios, and streaming services that enables them to monetize their work via video commentaries their supporters can buy.

NYU Affiliated Member(s): 

Aaron Peterson, CAS
Adam Peterson, GSAS


The NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge is made possible by the generous support of the Rennert Family Foundation, Mr. Ira Rennert (MBA ’56), and Mr. Ari Rennert (BS ’01). Teams will compete for the Rennert Family New Venture, Technology Venture, or Healthcare and Biomedical Venture prize. Each prize is awarded as seed funding in the form of a KISS agreement. The total prize amount for each track is $75,000. 


Janover LLC

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LexMundi World Ready

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Reitler Law

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