CARA Systems offers personalized risk analysis for Intracranial Aneurysms with non-invasive 3d imaging bloodflow dynamics to reduce healthcare costs and free up physicians’ time to focus on patient-centric care.

Points of Differentiation

  1. We integrate medical imaging with fluid dynamics and AI/ML capabilities, reducing the need for technical expertise and human interaction. 
  2. Our AI/ML tools examine patient biomarkers and provide comprehensive insights into the growth and behavior of aneurysms over time 
  3. Our platform facilitates communication among different departments to enhance clinical workflow management across the entire patient journey.

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Prithvinath Reddy Garigapuram, Tandon School of Engineering MS ‘23

Srusti Katore, Tandon School of Engineering MS ‘23

Dr. Kurt Becker, NYU Researcher

Hemanth Krishna Taduka, NYU Researcher

Iskender Sahin, NYU Faculty

Albert Favate, NYU Faculty

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