Moira Labs’ first game, The Lost War, is a PvP freemium game with in-app purchases that allow gamers to create assets and democratically improve gameplay through 1) proprietary card builder technology and 2) decentralized governance that is enabled by AI and web3 technology. 

Points of Differentiation

The Lost War fulfills the demands of gamers who want to play a role in shaping the destiny of their favorite game. We are the first game to enable the community to propose and vote on ideas that improve the game experience. Players can add to the card library by creating their own cards with unique powers and art from the marketplace. The incorporation of web3 technology allows players to own and share these creations with the world!

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Akhil Vajjhala, NYU Stern BS ‘24

Yashish Hirani, NYU CAS BS ‘24

Aayush Singh

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